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Come on gurls, when raiding your girlfriend or wifes wardrobe what's your favori The Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

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The Annals of Mathematical Statistics

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Thus, in the concrete example, the entire set of n observations, or, less trivially, the sequence of all sample moments about the origin are statistics with values in an n dimensional and in an infinite dimensional space respectively. Another illuminating and very general example of a statistic may be obtained as follows. Suppose that the outcomes of two not necessarily statistically independent programs are thought of as one united outcome--then the outcome T of the first program alone is a statistic relative to the united program.

A technical measure theoretic result, known as the Radon-Nikodym theorem, is important in the study of statistics such as T. The statistic Dress Cocktail winter Blush Boutique Pink T is called sufficient for the given set M of probability measures if somewhat loosely speaking the conditional probability of a subset E of X given a value y of T is the same for every probability measure in M. It is, for instance, well known that the sample mean and variance together form a sufficient statistic for the measures described in the concrete example.

The theory of sufficiency is in an especially satisfactory state for the case in which the set M of probability measures satisfies a certain condition described by the technical term dominated.

A set M of probability measures is called dominated if each measure in the set may be expressed as the indefinite integral of a density function with respect to a fixed measure which is not itself necessarily in the set. It is easy to verify that both classical extremes, commonly referred to as the discrete and continuous cases, are dominated. One possible formulation of the principal result concerning sufficiency for dominated sets is a direct generalization to the abstract case of the well known Fisher-Neyman result: T is sufficient if and only if the densities can be written as products of two factors, the first of which depends on the outcome through T only and the second of which is independent of the unknown measure.

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