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Managers at forever 21 have no idea who actually comes in and works. Keep an open mind. After speaking to Ian a so called manager, my resolution was not resolved. I will be using this dress again and again whenever possible. I ordered an item online on the Canadian site and it was too small could not purchase in store as none of the store had it in the size I needed On the return form it did advise that I would have to pay for the shipping and that it would not be refunded to me.

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The Perfect Dress is proud to support The Corsage Project, which was founded in as a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation. The founders and The Perfect Dress believe that every girl deserves to attend their high school prom with style and pride.
The Perfect Dress is proud to support The Corsage Project, which was founded in as a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation. The founders and The Perfect Dress believe that every girl deserves to attend their high school prom with style and pride.
Mississauga's BEST kept secret is out Specializing in: PROM Mother of the Bride/Groom Formal Wedding Attire Cocktail Dresses. Gala/Special Event Wear Designer Casual Wear Over Designer Prom & Grade 8 dresses in stock! Mother of Bride/Groom, Guest to wedding and cocktail dresses. Largest selection of Formal Wear in the GTA.

alberta. abc bridal avenue edmonton, ab canada, t5g 0p7 () castaspella boutique grand prairie, ab canada, t8v .

Do NOT purchase anything from F21 unless you are certain you want it. Even the customer service rep on the phone said the same thing.

Well, only for store credit there. Need to pay for return shipping to get actual refund. I then contacted customer service and sadly, this is there policy. You are bullied and disrespected on a daily basics. She is the biggest bully not to mention racist.

If you do not do what she wants when she wants she will cut your hours, talk about you to other management or just ignore you like a 10 year old child. She clearly is very miserable with her life so she takes it out on her employees. She looks you in your faces and lies every time u come to this store but you all are so blind and believe her lies which makes you just as weak and disgusting.

It would be really nice if I could walk in one day and be treated with respect and have everything run smoothly. But I guess team f21 likes liers and ignorant people. I just hope things change soon. About a month ago, my 13 year old daughter and I went into a Forever 21 in Florence, KY, while on a trip and loved the store! It was clean, well organized and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

We bought many lovely things! The store was beyond dirty — clothing everywhere, including on the floor, displays torn up and unorganized, with more product on the floor, clothing shoved on a rack to the point it was falling off and over flowing and just the whole store was a total mess! The staff was in adequate and overwhelmed trying to wait on customers.

One person was in the fitting room by herself when there was a line waiting to get in. I noticed one staffer come try to help her, but quickly called away to help a customer.

There were two employees at the check out counter and I saw one other person on the floor. This was on a Sunday in such a large store, I could not believe this was all the staff!?!?! I felt sorry for them, though they did maintain a personable demeanor, which I give them credit for. Not sure I could have been so nice under those conditions. This past Sunday, we decided to give it one more shot.

But found no better situation. The store was still a total wreck. I saw only three employees and the one I talked to said this was all that was scheduled in a that time!?! Is corporate unaware of the nature of this store in a college town and in the busiest shopping location in the town? Given the operating hours and staff allowed, there is no way they can possibly be expected to get this store straightened and keep it straightened while dealing with the customer situation.

But for corporate to allow this to continue…? I can not fathom it. I will not be returning to Forever 21 in Fayette Mall any time soon. Perhaps when we go past Florence Mall again, I will go in there, but as far as Fayette Mall, until I see a change in there, I am not even going to try to find anything. I enjoy the clothing we purchased in Florence, but this is ridiculous! And I will not shop on line. I hope corporate will take note and do something about having enough staff to deal with the mess!

At this point, I think it would take a day or two with full staff and the store closed just to get it cleaned up and in order again! I have never experienced a worse customer service experience. Forever21 sent me the wrong item, which was not only the wrong size, but was half the cost of what I paid for it. I was out of the country when I received the item, so I did not have a chance to discover it, until after their 30 day return policy to which I was told that the Company would not remedy the situation.

This is poor inventory and product control. I called back 4 times with no success of speaking to a supervisor apparently, there is no supervision at any given day or time.

One of the representatives hung up on me. I want this remediated. I called customer service the same day I made an order because I realized my address was wrong. I was told there was nothing they can do for me. When I asked to speak to a manager they then told me for If not have a good day. So unprofessional and disrespectful Im highly disappointed in the amount of disrespect I received.

I recently ordered a dress off of your website and made the mistake of putting in the wrong shipping address. I noticed my mistake immediately, and contacted customer service via email. Apparently, during that time my package was sent out and is on its way to the wrong address, and is set to be delivered the day after I leave school—as I am a college student leaving for summer break very soon— and they said that there was nothing they could do to help me since the package was already shipped out.

Upon contacting customer service via phone, I was put on hold for a full 30 minutes until I was actually put through to an agent who basically repeated the email I received to me verbatim and told me to contact UPS, who was equally as unhelpful and told me to contact the US Postal service when my package is transferred. Pervert caught videotaping young women with a camera on his shoe in dressing room at Forever 21 at Sawgrass Mills!

F21 cx care has the worst service! Very unprofessional, the only reason I call them is if someone at the store cannot give me the answer to my question. Thankfully the store was able to exchange it to me. I recently reached out to them again and the representative said that the return policy recently changed in , when I told him why did the store representative stated that it changed last month?

Put your workers through a training program so they can learn how to take care of customer better. Nice coworkers and a great surrounding. The only thing and this will forever be an issue. There is just a certain way how she talks to people. Not a person who demands constantly. Most of the people that worked at forever 21 quit because they would rather not deal with her. Let I say, those people that quit are great workers. The company is not the problem. But as of manager, she will only notice the bad, not the good.

Bad as in, if you misunderstood something she holds against you. Just a misunderstanding, she can always say it nicely. Instead she becomes sarcastic about it. I currently work as an employee at Forever 21 in Times square.

Since this is the biggest store in New York we attract many customers. Many customers are displeased with how messy and disorganized the store appears. Which is understandable because you want to shop in a pleasant atmosphere. The issues can be broken down into 3 parts: Times square Forever 21 has very little customer service because we barely have employees that are in the store.

Everyday we are expected to have at least 10 people on each floor. We are lucky if we get 3 people on each floor, this includes overnight. The Times square location has four floors. Managers rather overwork the little bit of employees that do show up than contribute any effort into making the store look presentable.

One worker is doing the job of 3 people opposed to one because we have little coverage on the floor. Managers at forever 21 have no idea who actually comes in and works. There is a roster of about people that are supposedly working here. So many managers keep scheduling these people without checking if these people are even coming into work.

The managers here are very unprofessional, lack leadership, and are frankly just rude. Many employees quit because of the lack of respect managers give employees. There is a lack of respect for managers because they engage an inappropriate relationships with employees during work hours.

Our district manager Haley Kim has no respect for her employees and does not encourage us to work as a team. She has little interest in getting to know the employees that work hard , or even the actual condition of the store. Her main focus is going over payroll. If you were to do a surprise visit all you would see is our managers on the phones texting and taking pictures in the fitting room. Our Store Manager is always wrapped up in her phone and neglecting her duties into seeing the condition of the store.

Our Assistant Store manager although he works hard needs to learn better communication skills with his employees. It would make a better working environment.

Our co-manager Jillian Rodriguez is a bit emotionally unstable to handle the work conditions in our store. She has had many breakdowns in front of her employees because of the stress.

Some of these breakdowns resulted in unfair doXXXXentations for the employees. I believe that management in Times Square needs to be reconstructed in order for the store to better. You think that store is bad go to square one Mississauga all Managers are disrespectful, ungrateful, envious people who will never be happy.

This company and owners are just as ridiculous for keeping her on this job. Just shows they have no standards. No customer or employee respect.

These poor kids are always frustrating trying to do so much work with just employees working at one time. But MARIA is by far not human she is the devil and will always be unhappy she has nothing good in her life. I pray for her burnt soul everyday!!! Clothing material keeps getting cheaper n cheaper while price get higher..

I have a complaint about your forever 21 Red in Gulfport, Mississippi. There is most definitely discrimination towards larger women. Please if your going to try and make people feel better about themselves by putting a plus size section in a store please be considerate. I am extremely upset with your lack of customer service as a company.

I have shopped with your company for over 10 years and have loved every minute of it. I recently shopped online with your company and am still having a horrible experience with this shopping experience. Your online system is not compatible with how many people are using it.

I had to restart my experience several times. Once I hit submit, my information reverted back to my old information and my package is now going to the wrong address. My problem with this whole situation is the lack of care and concern from your customer service representatives. I have talked to 4 different team members and each team member has given me different information. Your representatives were extremely rude and just kept trying to get me off the phone.

I was told a supervisor would be calling me back but no supervisor has ever called me back. I will never be ordering online again through your website. After reading multiple comments left by other customers, I am hoping you guys will respond to several people and pick up the slack in your customer service department. This company is despicable! The service is the store is horrible but at least I get to inspect and try on my items.

I have called customer service numerous times, on numerous days at this point for my refund. They are rude and frankly seem to not give a damn about their jobs. I guess the Chinese ppl who own this brand release ppl will shop here anyway so who cares about losing one customer. Well, I was already peeved about the quality of the clothes and now I will never shop here again. Someone needs to get in contact with me and refund my money. You guys have no clue how far I will take this based off of principal alone.

I will never shop at forever 21 anymore. I called and was told that my refund was declined because my shoes investigated as used. What kind of customer service is that?

I hope I get response back. So disappointed at Forever I am very disappointed with Forever I placed an order with them and upon opening my one of my packages, the item was missing the tag. I tried to call customer service but it was closed.

So I tried to submit a message via the sites contact us. The message could not be submitted due to the site malfunctioning. I then tried to call the corporate office and could not even reach the operator. What is going on with Forever I will be blasting them on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Buyer beware do not shop at Forever I have great contacts there and having carried out a feasibility study, I am sure there is a great market there. As far as I knew that was against the law.

I would suggest that you review the management team at the Las Vegas stores she works at in the Meadows mall managers Kim and Robert who constantly harass her and should they harass her after she has her baby I will make sure that she contacts the necessary people she needs to contact regarding this.

Should we not get a response or acknowledgement noting this will be looked into I will have her contact the necessary people and discrimination against pregnant women.

Here is the information we will use as she was specifically told she was removed from the schedule due to being pregnant:. A company cannot deny a pregnant woman a promotion, assuming once she returns to work after childbirth, she will be less committed to her job.

Employers also cannot reassign workers to less desirable jobs, even temporarily, due to concerns about a pregnancy. I am from Guam and I just want to let you know how bad the service I received from the same lady every single time in your Guam branch. Her name on my receipt is Zaneyda. She does not say hi or thank you, because barely any of them really do, but thats not even the reason why I am complaining. This is actually the first time I have ever made a complaint about an associate, so that means something is really wrong, She just throws the change on the counter and after she gave me the bag she was gonna put a smaller bag in the one i already had without saying anything so she practically just shoved it in my shopping bag.

But something needs to change, your brand is awesome but having people like that can discourage many customers from repurchasing again. I come from retail and have been in it for 6 years and in our company we really value customer service and experience because our service reflects our brand.

I let it go the first few times thinking maybe she just had a long day, but having dealt with her bad attitude too many times I have to speak up about it. Visuals do the most work and do not get respected or a raise. Forever 21 is horrible.

After a very long shipment time, I receive a package yesterday. It was a very tiny box, which is odd since I ordered a jacket. I opened the box only to find out that you all shipped me the incorrect item. I needed this item for a trip I was taking and needed it by Friday. I explained to him the situation and let him know the order summary had the correct item but the item was a pressed powder. I even gave him the number listed on the pressed powder..

Why would I place an order and pay for an item I already paid for??! What type of customer service center is this?! The customer service rep was absolutely rude and lacked any emotion.

This is piss poor customer service if I have ever heard of any and this is the first time I have ordered with them. I then called back and spoke with Bonnie.. She read my notes and said there is nothing we can do. I swear I was getting punked!!! I called right back and guess who I got?

Is this real life?! I then let her know I wanted to speak with a supervisor 3rd time I had called to ask and she huffed very loudly and said ok and then put me on hold for a while. She came back and then offered me the Affidavit deal like in the below comments. I took my business straight to Charlotte Russe and placed an order! I also wrote customer service only to receive a canned response almost exactly like the one I received for the affidavit. It is obvious they have little to no training and Mr.

Save your time and money with this place. After again repeatedly requesting to speak to a supervisor they must only have one — because it was Ian I finally spoke with too — he told me the affidavit was required as it is a legal doXXXXent with the signature.

Of course, that assumes they employ anyone who would be willing to provide decent customer service. What kind of business is your company is trying to run?

Your systems are obviously antiquated and you really should not have online orders. There needs to proper training and put money into good contact representatives and systems. Maybe you can look up a Fortune company like USAA to see how they score so high for customer service. After speaking to Ian a so called manager, my resolution was not resolved. At the advice of Ian, I had to re-order my items and pay for express shipping to get the items on time.

This now tells me you have incompetent managers as well. I have made a report with the BBB so other customers can see how you handle your customers and business. Before I criticize someone for not speaking properly i would proof read my text before sending.

She turned in her driver license, birth certificate , social security card and void check. Now at orientation was told she has to reproduce them again because they were lost.

How about safe guarding my daughter package and still did not get a holiday job? I purchased items on cyber monday for my fiancees birthday on December 18th.

I was told the eta would be December 9th. Well tomorrow is her birthday and I have nothing to present to her. I have been tracking it for a week and all it says is in transit. I called twice today and was told system was down call back hrs n then told to try back tomorrow.

If I had known this is how your company operates I would have shopped elsewhere and my fiancee would have gifts presented to her on her birthday. No where did it say final sale neither did anyone even state that they were final sale!!! When I call customer service the lady was rude and said no one will help me no matter who I contacted.

I will definitely not shop at forever 21 again and I demand my money back! I was recently racially profiled in the Countryside location. I contacted the manager the date of the incident: This is a very serious issue that needs to be handled appropriately. I have been trying to reach someone in Forever 21 Corporate Office.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction as where and who do I need to talk to regarding this matter. I would really appreciate any sort of help. This has been literally a men hunt, and not mention very disappointed!

Hope to hear from someone soon! Why is so hard to get an employment verification letter from hr??? Have you received your letter from them yet? I have emailed several different emails and also called and got no luck trying to send a voicemail to HR because the inbox was full.

What form of contact did you use to reach them? I am out of options and really need employment verification from them. I tried to get information from your customer service representative to file a complaint and he hung up on me.

I asked for his name so I could share it with you when I called but he refused. Yes, my fault but I think it would be good business to do so for your customers. Hardly a huge loss. When I questioned how other companies could do so and requested his name he hung up on me.

His first name was Drei. We arrived in the store at 8: I asked if my daughter and niece could try on a sweater. They told us They close the fitting rooms at 8: Then why not close the store at 8: The woman was rude and it would have taken only 1 minute to try on the sweaters. Of coarse we walked out. To our surprise when we got into the car the clock said I went on line for Black Friday with a promo code.

I was never given the opportunity to put the promo code in. I immediately emailed them they contacted me a day later saying it was too late to do anything because the order was processed. I told them fine then find another way to correct your error. One lady told me we were talking in circles and hung up on me. One lady told me there is no supervisor. Purchase made and within 20 minutes of return could not for full refund.

Was advised could return for store credit. This is not an American capitalist tradition. Will not shop there and in our community will be advising our teen network of over families. I recently called the corporate office to complain about a horrible customer service experience in the Lake Grove, NY store only to be hung-up on because the operator could not understand English.

I will no longer be shopping here. I started working for forever 21 at the Columbus Ohio, Easton town center location back at the end of May I quit working there at the end of September due to the news that my fiancé and I were expecting.

When I left there the paper I had to sign said that my last paycheck would be mailed to me. With me being pregnant and not working any little extra money that I can put in my pocket ,or that can be saved up would be very helpful to us.

I know I should have received my check by now but it has still not come. Never recieved my items getting false information constantly they say call on monday then they say call on november 13 like its some sort of a joke. I too have received the ridiculous run around from this company!!! I returned online items by mail per their regulations. This was on September 11, On October 9th I received a credit for 1 item. I returned four items. Calling customer service got me nowhere — let alone I could not understand their poor English.

I emailed the company and received a return email telling me they received one item and did everything but call me a liar. We are now two months from my return and I am still getting nowhere!

I scanned a post office receipt showing my returns weighed 3lbs 4oz!! That is not one item!! I resorted to calling a store only to be told the district manager would call me back. This has yet to happen from the store in Iowa City, IA. I worked at the location in Penn Square Mall, I started Monday September 28th and worked through Friday October 2nd for my first week which was a total of 38 hours.

I worked the week Sunday October 4th to Friday with Thursday off. That week I had a total of 37 hours. I worked Monday October 12th, Wednesday and Friday. On that Friday I received my checked which was short. I only got paid for my week of October 4th. I talked to all my managers and the store head manager Zach and he agreed and apologized because he lost the sign in sheet.

Once he found it I signed it and he sent an email to corporate telling them I needed to get paid for my first week. I was told that the money I was owed would be put on my next check which was October 30th. I still have not received the money I am owed and today is November 7th.

I need my money now and I need a response from someone at corporate as soon as possible! I received my check last Friday a portion of it and I really need the remaining amount. My rent is past due. I worked 67 hours and only got paid for 27hours.

Writing to you from Pune, India. We are retailers of a multi-brand garments by the name of Just Casuals. Earlier in the year, we had plans of bringing an international brand to our city and wanted to reach out to Forever 21 for franchising opportunities. This is when many online searches told us that Amaka Consultants are the mediators for franchising of Forever After going through drafts of agreements, we started looking for retail locations in Pune.

Only to find out that the retail location we were applying for Phoenix Market City , was ready to launch a store in no time. And the team at Amaka was totally unaware about it!

Then we went on to look for another location, once again to be informed by the mall authorities that F21 had already booked a store there. And Amaka Consultants — who are charging us to give us information about franchising your brand stores — have no idea that there are already multiple F21 stores being planned in the city.

This leaves us to wonder, if Amaka Consultants are your authorised franchise consultants? Would really appreciate if you could confirm this. After this, we chose to withdraw and requested for a refund of the application fee as they had promised before getting into the deal. Since then, they have been avoiding our mails and calls. If we want our refund, we will have to wait until July till they come down to India.

And then pay us in cash if we still wish to withdraw. We are now at the end of September, and we get no response to either our phone calls or emails to Amaka Consultants. This definitely seems to us like some kind of fraud. Iwas shopping at F21 on the 22nd of Sept. I thought that is not possible since I just made a money transfer from my savings account.

I tried again and it was also declined, sales person took few items away and I tried again and smaller amount was also declined. I called the bank but no luck. Asked to hold the merchandise for me after I come back from the bank. I had to take money from my savings. Went back to F21 and paid in cash for selected items. Bank officer said that I need to talk to the manager F21 and tell her to send an e mail to the bank that this transaction in no longer valid ,take it from declined holding status so bank can relase my money.

I asked for the written instructions for the manager. With letter from the bank I went back to F21, asked for manager. It is a shame that F21 hires this kind of people for management positions or at all for any position.

She never introduced herself, yanked out the letter out of my hand and barely listen what I was asking for her to do, went inside the office and slammed the door. After a minute opened the door , throw the letter to my hands with some other yellow piece of paper, which after I looked closer at it, it was a work order to repair lights, it had nothing to do with my case, She said that bank has to call her before she can send an e mail. And she run off. I saw her at the counter. Her name is SHELBY and I would appreciate if someone in charge from Corporate Office would not allowed her to perform managerial duties because of her behavior and absurd manners toward customers who actually pay her salary.

It was terrible experience shopping at F21 , where I spend a lot of money in past year. After this I will not shop there any more , and will share my experience with everyone I know, discouraging them to shop at this store. By the way the up stairs floor is a mess , it is impossible to walk , everything is on the floor tangled up, looks like a whole bunch of trash not like anything for sale.

It would be a good idea to inspect this location without announcement. I bought a pair of shoes from your company, wore them for not even an hour and the heel fell off. I called and contacted and complained but no one was helpful at all. I loved the look of the shoes and I would like a new pair of my money back to get them fixed.

You can tell in the pictures that the heel falling off was in how the shoes was made not because of how I wore them. I am very unhappy. I expect more than just getting repeatedly told about your return policy. I have been waiting for this consignment from last week as your site says delivery time is days. A female picked up and told me my ordered will be delivered my Tuesday without fail and is already out for delivery.

I called up your customer care today. Second, even if you cancelled, you should have dropped an email or texted informing the cancellation. This is sheer nonsense delivery system from your end. I have checked CCTV camera footage of my office for 2nd and 3rd as the order got shipped on 1st.

Nowhere is the delivery boy in the footage. Please explain where is the order and why cant the delivery person call before coming like Jabong, Myntra Amazon or Flipkart people do. ALl of the ecommerce websites attempt delivery thrice. Even if you attempted delivery, you cant expect the customer to be sticking for 16 days at one place expecting your order to arrive.

When your delivery date is not fixed, high chancesa are person might not be available and th delivery guy should call confirming the date and time of delivery.

I have ordered another shipment which again showing the same error on the courier company s webiste. I am now scared whether that order will suffer the same fate. Please help in resolution as India forever 21 customer care has told me they cannot help and I have to order again. I did that today anyway but not all the products are available now. Hi i have a question what are you doing to help garment workers that work for you across the oceans.

I bought this dress for my cousin's wedding. I ordered the dress in siz 4 and picture color. The actual color is as the picture. The dress is quite flattering. Ordered a custom dress size and they worked wonders with my case. My bridesmaid is expecting and we were having trouble with measurements, they always have great communication and want their products to fit amazingly.

We are satisfied with this purchase from junebridals. We got the right size as per the measurement charts. Our daughters both look so pretty in these short dresses. They are happy with their new dresses. Everything has turned out so perfect. They responded quickly whenever contacted. Vertical ruching on the top is what makes the dress stand out from others.

Flowy skirt is another attraction. I can't accept we have come across this dress at this cost! The dress went ahead the estimated delivery date as well as fitted myself well. I am 5'2" and the outfit went slightly under my knees and far much above the ground. The fabric is smooth as well as delicate. I purchased this dress for my daughter's prom.

We chose the candy pink. The dress looks flowy and the chiffon is very soft. My daugther loves it very much. I will buy from you again. Home Prom Dresses In Mississauga. Check and have a look at Prom Dresses In Mississauga elegance from our website. A gorgeous dress for sure! I received tons of compliments when I wore it on my anniversary. Everybody liked the fabric quality and the fit. It hugs my body beautifully and gives me an attractive look.

Size is just perfect. This dress is really a head turner! Wore this dress in blue last weekend for my sister's wedding and my friends said I looked better than the picture model. The skirt flows nicely and feels comfortable to wear all day.

X shaped ruching on the bodice gives an entirely new look to the simple style. I will be using this dress again and again whenever possible. I would also order more colors for this dress. It has been my favorite dress for now. I have this habit of window shopping and accidentally came across a dress. I didn't have any pressing need to buy it but then I just could not to deny the pleasure of shopping. I would like to recommend the dress to all girls who want to buy a one shoulder dress.

The dress is elegant and fluid. Ordered a custom dress size and they worked wonders with my case. My bridesmaid is expecting and we were having trouble with measurements, they always have great communication and want their products to fit amazingly.

I'm 5' 7"" and was worried about the lenght, but it is just perfect! It took 3 weeks to arrive: We are satisfied with this purchase from junebridals. We got the right size as per the measurement charts. Our daughters both look so pretty in these short dresses. They are happy with their new dresses.

Reviews on Prom Dress Store in Mississauga, ON - Cavery, Nina's Collection Boutique, The Perfect Dress, Marla's, Lucy's Prom and Bridal, The Dress Diva, David's Bridal, Papilio Boutique, Mojo Couture Collections, Social Butterfly. Mississauga's BEST kept secret is out Specializing in: PROM Mother of the Bride/Groom Formal Wedding Attire Cocktail Dresses. Gala/Special Event Wear Designer Casual Wear Over Designer Prom & Grade 8 dresses in stock! Mother of Bride/Groom, Guest to wedding and cocktail dresses. Largest selection of Formal Wear in the GTA. Buy Party Dresses, Wedding Guest Dresses, Prom dresses, Grad Dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses a Also, infinity and plus-size dresses for any occasion in any color.