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Balkonetka is a Polish bra-fitting community. The creators of Balkonetka, sisters Julia and Amelia, co-founded Wellfitting after Julia moved to the United States and realized how hard it is to find bras for larger busts in the country.

I think this review could have benefited from more research. But to be more serious, each person imagines your description of your self very different If the band seems too loose , but the cups are ok: You can check your BMI or the doctors usually check them during regular check ups.

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Balkonetka z mikrofibry. Profilowane, usztywniane miseczki na fiszbinach, które podnoszą i kształtują biust. Wąskie odpinane ramiączka, które można mocować na różne sposoby oraz silikonowe wykończenie utrzymujące biustonosz na miejscu.
Ava – Estela Balkonetka AV 65G Krój: Balkonetka Camelia Rozmiary: 65 E – J 70 D – J 75 B – I 80 B – H 85 B – G 90 B – F 95 B – E B – D Kwiaty akceptuję w każdej wersji i nie jestem niechętnie nastawiona do tych na jasnych tłach, zwyczajnie mam wrażenie, .
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Our mission is to empower women across the globe to feel strong and confident in perfectly fitting lingerie, no matter their shape or size.
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Balkonetka i stringi. Na nogi założyłam czarne półmatowe pończoszki samonośne. Całość dopełnił czarny pas do pończoch - dobrze wiedziałam że nie jest potrzebny, ale uczucie jakie wywołuje kiedy mam go na sobie jest bezcenne.

My bra size is 36D. I keep reading how that size indicates you are overweight Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Your BMI is healthy. Your WHR is healthy. No, you are not overweight. I do think you are wearing the wrong bra, though: The number in the bra size indicates the measurement of your ribcage: Is your ribcage really " bigger than you waist? I find that hard to believe, most women have almost the same under-bust and waist measurement: As you can see on this graph, the majority had between " bigger ribcages than their waist, and no one had more than 6".

If we then assume your under-bust measurement is between ", you should wear a band: The 30F and 28FF are "sister sizes" of a 36D, meaning they have the same cup-volume as the 36D, but just put on a tighter band.

Try go to a store, and compare the cup size of a 36D, 34DD, 32E too, and see for yourself This could explain why you might not have notices that your bra fit wrong.

This is the number 1 mistake in bra sizing! Use these tips next time you go buy a bra, and try on some of the sizes I suggested, even if you think it sounds unlikely: No harm in trying it on, no? I am overweight and wear a 34band, so that is probably why you've read that the size could indicate overweight. Here are realistic galleries of women with the mentioned sizes: To convert cups sizes: Your bust measurement would be You have a small waist.

To be an hourglass shape your hips and bust should be 10 inches larger than your waist and they are. You might want to remeasure yourself for a bra because a 36D isn't the right size for you. Your band size should be closer to your waist measurement. Wearing a bra that fits can make your look as if your have lost lbs in 2 min. You are in no way overweight. I'm 5'5, weighing with a 34D bust and I'm as healthy as a horse.

Being overweight depends on your BMI. You can check your BMI or the doctors usually check them during regular check ups. Triumph is probably the most famous lingerie company and they say its repute is mostly exaggerated. Anyway, if you want to buy any underwear from this producer, I recommend going to any of their own shops full list on their web pages instead of simply visiting a lingerie department in a shopping center like Manor, Globus or Jelmoli, as they tend to treat D as a biggest cup and even sometimes 75 as a smallest band.

It may come as a surprise, but Triumph recently started producing some of its collections up to G cups the bands still start with Apparently it was bought by Calida some time ago, but we must hope that the style of the company will be preserved. If you look at the scores above it may not be impressive even if it is very good for Switzerland , but the visit to this shop was such a good experience, that I believe it is worth a note.

Aubade has a nice, small boutique in the Zurich Old Town. They sell there all the sizes produced by the company — this means that if you wear a size produced by them 70 and up bands, cups up to E or F — depending on the model you will definitely have a lot of models to try. If you agree or disagree with my opinion or if you have your own experience with the brand: I check the choice of non-padded, underwired bras.

If you know any shop that has them on stock, please let me know. Buying underwear online is quite popular. All shops accept returns as long as all the tags are untouched and the bra was not used. However, if ordering from Switzerland you may have to pay the customs, that may make an unsuccessful try more expensive. Below there is a list of some shops in UK that sell lingerie in a wide range of sizes: Jan 5, New Year and new logo! We can start a new year with a new logo.

Many thanks to the author! I wish all of you interesting possibilities, perfect choices and successful bargains: Posted by Rimidimi at 1: Nov 30, Bra-fitting - now even simpler! I wrote some time ago about an online tool that calculates the bra size that should be good for you. If you find digging into Polish website difficult, here goes something simpler for you. The measurement rules are the same: Measure yourself below the bust, very tightly, without the air in your lungs.

Find your size in the top row. Measure yourself rather loosely in the bust in the widest place — without a bra or with a soft not padded — and take the bigger number. Find your size in the left-most column. If the band seems too loose , but the cups are ok:


Społeczność miłośniczek dobrze dobranej bielizny. Recenzujemy staniki, bo wiemy, że dobrze dobrane czynią cuda! Największy zbiór autentycznych recenzji staników marek Freya, Panache, La Senza, Gossard, Ewa Michalak, Triumph, Masquerade Atlantic, Effuniak. 17 Reviews of Balkonetka butik z bielizną "Super sklep bardzo miła obsługa ".