Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener

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This intermission game includes girls and boys teams primarily from ages

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Aldwin Roberts (18 April – 11 February ), better known by the stage name Lord Kitchener (or
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Base model package awarded. Other fantastic prizes are also up for grabs, including: Winners will be drawn live at the Kitchener Rangers home game on Sunday, January 20, during the first intermission. Winners not in attendance will be notified by phone. Many children ranging in age from infant to years-old within our region along with their families deal with childhood cancer on a daily basis.

From to , Clarkson spent countless hours supporting local community programs. His goodwill and commitment to both the team and the region have inspired numerous people of all ages. Surprise them with a celebration message on our centre ice video board! Click here to find out more. To find out more about POGO visit their website at http: The Kitchener Rangers Community Corner offers community, not-for-profit and charitable groups the opportunity to market their brand at our game free of charge.

Event organizer must complete the online application below in full. In order to qualify for this request you must be a charitable organization, community group, or non-profit organization. Approved applicants will be emailed with confirmation of their game date and will be required to confirm back to the Rangers within two business days or run the risk of the date being provided to an alternate group or organization.

Please fill out the form below to be considered. Fans were encouraged to donate to those members of our community that would very much appreciate the gesture. When teams arrive on Hockey Day in Rangers Nation, they are greeted by their very own dressing room attendant. Following their game, each player receives a gift package and post-game meal. The following day, players will re-live their day as Hockey Day highlights are broadcast on the video scoreboard as the Rangers play host to the Frontenacs.

Hockey Day in Rangers Nation is limited to 14 teams that will be selected through a lottery process. Interested teams are asked to submit their applications on or before Thursday, October 25, at 5pm. The response from the community and previous recipients has been very positive and the scholarship program has become a large part of our proud Rangers tradition. Recipients will be invited to attend a Kitchener Rangers home game and participate in a pre-game on-ice ceremony in recognition of their award.

Recommended for students JK — Grade 3. Once the reading portion of the program is completed, students ask the players questions time permitting. Students will have the opportunity to practice hockey specific skills and utilize these skills in a game with their favourite Rangers players.

This was perhaps in part because Kitchener was thought to be a Tory the Liberals were in office at the time ; perhaps due to a Curzon-inspired whispering campaign; but most importantly because Morley, who was a Gladstonian and thus suspicious of imperialism, felt it inappropriate, after the recent grant of limited self-government under the Indian Councils Act, for a serving soldier to be Viceroy in the event, no serving soldier was appointed Viceroy until Lord Wavell in , during the Second World War.

The Prime Minister, Herbert Henry Asquith , was sympathetic to Kitchener but was unwilling to overrule Morley, who threatened resignation, so Kitchener was finally turned down for the post of Viceroy of India in During this period he became a proponent of Scouting and coined the phrase "once a Scout, always a Scout.

Kitchener was in Britain on his annual summer leave, between 23 June and 3 August , and had boarded a cross-Channel steamer to commence his return trip to Cairo when he was recalled to London to meet with Asquith. Against cabinet opinion, Kitchener correctly predicted a long war that would last at least three years, require huge new armies to defeat Germany, and cause huge casualties before the end would come. Kitchener stated that the conflict would plumb the depths of manpower "to the last million".

A massive recruitment campaign began, which soon featured a distinctive poster of Kitchener , taken from a magazine front cover. It may have encouraged large numbers of volunteers, and has proven to be one of the most enduring images of the war, having been copied and parodied many times since. Kitchener built up the "New Armies" as separate units because he distrusted the Territorials from what he had seen with the French Army in This may have been a mistaken judgement, as the British reservists of tended to be much younger and fitter than their French equivalents a generation earlier.

Cabinet Secretary Maurice Hankey wrote of Kitchener:. The great outstanding fact is that within eighteen months of the outbreak of the war, when he had found a people reliant on sea-power, and essentially non-military in their outlook, he had conceived and brought into being, completely equipped in every way, a national army capable of holding its own against the armies of the greatest military Power the world had ever seen.

However, Ian Hamilton later wrote of Kitchener "he hated organisations; he smashed organisations Kitchener argued that the deployment of the BEF in Belgium would result in having to retreat and abandon much of its supplies almost immediately, as the Belgian Army would be unable to hold its ground against the Germans; Kitchener was proved right, but given the belief in fortresses common at the time, it is not surprising that the War Council disagreed with him.

Kitchener, believing Britain should husband her resources for a long war, decided at Cabinet 6 August that the initial BEF would consist of only 4 infantry divisions and 1 cavalry , not the 5 or 6 promised.

Kitchener's wish to concentrate further back at Amiens may also have been influenced by a largely accurate map of German dispositions which was published by Repington in The Times on the morning of 12 August.

Sir John French's orders from Kitchener were to cooperate with the French but not to take orders from them. Kitchener, authorised by a midnight meeting of whichever Cabinet Ministers could be found, left for France for a meeting with Sir John on 1 September. Huguet recorded that Kitchener was "calm, balanced, reflective" whilst Sir John was "sour, impetuous, with congested face, sullen and ill-tempered".

French and Kitchener moved to a separate room, and no independent account of the meeting exists. After the meeting Kitchener telegraphed the Cabinet that the BEF would remain in the line, although taking care not to be outflanked, and told French to consider this "an instruction".

French had a friendly exchange of letters with Joffre. French had been particularly angry that Kitchener had arrived wearing his field marshal's uniform. This was how Kitchener normally dressed at the time Hankey thought Kitchener's uniform tactless, but it had probably not occurred to him to change , but French felt that Kitchener was implying that he was his military superior and not simply a cabinet member.

General Sir Douglas Haig , wanted the New Armies incorporated into existing divisions as battalions rather than sent out as entire divisions. French felt wrongly that the war would be over by the summer before the New Army divisions were deployed, as Germany had recently redeployed some divisions to the east, and took the step of appealing to the Prime Minister, Asquith, over Kitchener's head, but Asquith refused to overrule Kitchener.

This further damaged relations between French and Kitchener, who had travelled to France in September during the First Battle of the Marne to order French to resume his place in the Allied line.

Kitchener warned French in January that the Western Front was a siege line that could not be breached, in the context of Cabinet discussions about amphibious landings on the Baltic or North Sea Coast, or against Turkey.

Yet he was instead eventually persuaded to support Winston Churchill 's disastrous Gallipoli Campaign in — Churchill's responsibility for the failure of this campaign is debated; for more information see David Fromkin's A Peace to End All Peace.

He was a sceptic about the tank, which is why it was developed under the auspices of Churchill's Admiralty. With the Russians being pushed back from Poland, Kitchener thought the transfer of German troops west and a possible invasion of Britain increasingly likely, and told the War Council 14 May that he was not willing to send the New Armies overseas. He wired French 16 May that he would send no more reinforcements to France until he was clear the German line could be broken, but sent two divisions at the end of May to please Joffre, not because he thought a breakthrough possible.

An inter-Allied conference at Chantilly 7 July, including Russian, Belgian, Serb and Italian delegates agreed on coordinated offensives. He travelled to France for talks with Joffre and Millerand 16 August. The French leaders believed Russia might sue for peace Warsaw had fallen on 4 August. Kitchener 19 August ordered the Loos offensive to proceed, despite the attack being on ground not favoured by French or Haig then commanding First Army.

Liddell Hart speculated that this was why he allowed himself to be persuaded by Joffre. New Army divisions first saw action at Loos in September Kitchener continued to lose favour with politicians and professional soldiers. Generals such as Sir William Robertson were critical of Kitchener's failure to ask the General Staff whose chief James Wolfe-Murray was intimidated by Kitchener to study the feasibility of any of these campaigns.

Kitchener advised the Dardanelles Committee 21 October that Baghdad be seized for the sake of prestige then abandoned as logistically untenable. His advice was no longer accepted without question, but the British forces were eventually besieged and captured at Kut. The Cabinet insisted on proper General Staff papers being presented in Kitchener's absence. Asquith asked them to negotiate an agreement, which they did over the exchange of several draft documents at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

Kitchener agreed that Robertson alone should present strategic advice to the Cabinet, with Kitchener responsible for recruiting and supplying the Army, although he refused to agree that military orders should go out over Robertson's signature alone — it was agreed that the Secretary of State should continue to sign orders jointly with the CIGS.

The agreement was formalised in a Royal Order in Council in January Kitchener had been a key figure in the removal of Haig's predecessor Sir John French, with whom he had a poor relationship.

Haig differed with Kitchener over the importance of Mediterranean efforts and wanted to see a strong General Staff in London, but nonetheless valued Kitchener as a military voice against the folly of civilians such as Churchill. The French refused to bring troops home from Salonika, which Kitchener thought a play for the increase of French power in the Mediterranean. On 2 June , Lord Kitchener personally answered questions asked by politicians about his running of the war effort; at the start of hostilities Kitchener had ordered two million rifles from various US arms manufacturers.

Only of these rifles had arrived in the UK by 4 June The numbers of shells supplied were no less paltry. Kitchener explained the efforts he had made to secure alternative supplies. He received a resounding vote of thanks from the Members of Parliament who had arrived to question him, both for his candour and for his efforts to keep the troops armed; Sir Ivor Herbert , who, a week before, had introduced the failed vote of censure in the House of Commons against Kitchener's running of the War Department, personally seconded the motion.

In addition to his military work, Lord Kitchener contributed to efforts on the home front. The knitted sock patterns of the day used a seam up the toe that could rub uncomfortably against the toes.

Kitchener encouraged British and American women to knit for the war effort, and contributed a sock pattern featuring a new technique for a seamless join of the toe, still known as the Kitchener stitch. In the midst of his other political and military concerns, Kitchener had devoted personal attention to the deteriorating situation on the Eastern Front.

This included the provision of extensive stocks of war material for the Russian armies, which had been under increasing pressure since mid Both Kitchener and the Russians were in favor of face to face talks and a formal invitation from the Tsar was received on 14 May.

Recent research has set the death toll of those aboard Hampshire at Kitchener was seen standing on the quarterdeck during the approximately twenty minutes that it took the ship to sink. His body was never recovered. The news of Kitchener's death was received with shock all over the British Empire. So long as he was with us we knew even if things were gloomy that his guiding hand was at the helm. Not everyone mourned Kitchener's loss. Scott , editor of The Manchester Guardian , is said to have remarked that "as for the old man, he could not have done better than to have gone down, as he was a great impediment lately.

Kitchener's great fame, the suddenness of his death, and its apparently convenient timing for a number of parties gave almost immediate rise to a number of conspiracy theories about his death.

One in particular was posited by Lord Alfred Douglas of Oscar Wilde fame , positing a connection between Kitchener's death, the recent naval Battle of Jutland , Winston Churchill , and a Jewish conspiracy. Churchill successfully sued Douglas in what proved to be the last successful case of criminal libel in British legal history, and the latter spent six months in prison. In , a hoaxer named Frank Power claimed in the Sunday Referee newspaper that Kitchener's body had been found by a Norwegian fisherman.

Power brought a coffin back from Norway and prepared it for burial in St. At this point, however, the authorities intervened and the coffin was opened in the presence of police and a distinguished pathologist.

The box was found to contain only tar for weight. There was widespread public outrage at Power, but he was never prosecuted. General Erich Ludendorff , Generalquartiermeister and joint head with von Hindenburg of Germany's war effort in the s stated that Russian communists working against the Tsar had betrayed the plan to visit the Russians to the German command. His account was that Kitchener was "[killed] because of his ability" as it was feared he would help the tsarist Russian Army to recover.

Frederick Joubert Duquesne , a Boer soldier and spy, claimed that he had assassinated Kitchener after an earlier attempt to kill him in Cape Town failed. Hap Kitchener, who had married a Bermudian, [] [] purchased with a legacy left to him by his uncle Hinson's Island , part of the former Prisoner of War camp from which Duquesne had escaped, after the First World War as the location of his home and business.

Kitchener is officially remembered in a chapel on the north-west corner of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, near the main entrance, where a memorial service was held in his honour.

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